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Richard Jean-Baptiste joins Attraction as Vice-President, Innovation and Business Development/Executive Producer

Published on 2022-12-14 at 12:00

MONTREAL, December 14, 2022 -  Attraction is proud to announce that Richard Jean-Baptiste has joined its team in the newly created role Vice President, Development and Innovation/Executive Producer.

Jean-Baptiste, a renowned producer in the creative industry for over 15 years, is tasked with growing Attraction’s content slate across French and English markets, within Canada and across the globe, by seeking out new and innovative business models and opportunities. 

Previously a partner at advertising powerhouse Sid Lee, Jean-Baptise worked with prestigious international brands while also establishing the boutique production arm of  Sid Lee, Jimmy Lee, where he produced Takedown: The DNA of GSP and The Chronicles of an Unworthy Mother.

His impressive track record and extensive knowledge of both the advertising world and the realities of broadcasting make him a great addition to Attraction. 

It’s this combination of perspectives that drove the strategic hire, according to Attraction President Richard Speer.

 "I've known Richard for over 15 years and it’s a great pleasure to finally welcome him to our extraordinary team. With his immense talent, vision, and experience, I have no doubt that he will make his mark at Attraction while bringing a new dimension to the company. “

In his new role, Jean-Baptiste wants to help brands broaden their impact in the content industry, without being held back by traditional sponsorship or branded content.  For instance, he just completed a documentary on Montreal’s downtown, produced through a unique collaboration with Radio-Canada, the real estate manager Ivanhoe Cambridge, and the advertising agency Sid Lee. This is one example of the types of creative, innovative and ambitious projects he would work on at Attraction.  

“Throughout my years in advertising, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Richard Speer and observe the evolution of Attraction,'' said Jean-Baptiste. “More recently, I've had the opportunity to work with Attraction's teams in Montreal and Toronto. I found a team with an abundance of talent, a management team with clear ambitions and a strategic vision. Amidst a new era of transformation, the content industry - in television and in advertising -  must adapt to new challenges. The balance between innovation and creative strength, all in a human work environment, is essential for any company that wants to stand out. Attraction holds these assets, and I am very proud to join the team."

To fuel Attraction’s growth across Canada and internationally, Jean-Baptiste will work with the company’s Montreal and Toronto offices, having already co-produced the documentary Secret Agents of the Underground Railroad with Attraction. The Nature Of Things documentary will air on CBC in early 2023. 

“Having worked closely with Richard on Secret Agents of the Underground Railroad, I am thrilled that he’s joining the Attraction team" said Nicole Hamilton, Executive Vice-President, English-language Unscripted Content. “His passion and insight anchored the project and I’m excited about our continued collaboration.” 

A member of the Board of Directors of the Black Screen Office, Jean-Baptiste will continue his long-standing commitment to the issue of diversity, both on screen and behind the camera.

“I have to admit that the lack of diversity among experienced producers in Quebec and Canada was not unrelated to my decision to leave the world of advertising and return to my first love," he explains. “There is more and more diversity on screen, but there is still a long way to go, especially among decision-makers. Very humbly, I hope I can contribute to making things change."

Richard Jean-Baptiste joins Attraction as Vice-President, Innovation and Business Development/Executive Producer