Kassiwi Media
Kassiwi Media is an Indigenous media production company founded in 2015. Through its projects and culturally-centred approach, Kassiwi aims to radiate Indigenous values through thoughtful productions that aim to build bridges between cultures and reach out to viewers with the goal of creating a more inclusive world. Kassiwi aims to promote content that reflects the richness and diversity of Indigenous cultures to audiences in Canada and around the world. Kassiwi Media is one of the few Indigenous production companies that produces in French and Indigenous languages in both community and urban settings to be representative of the diversity of Indigenous peoples.
ALSO Productions
LEd by Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault, ALSO is a emerging company of creators working in television, film, and theatre production. Its editorial line is distinguished by its audacity, creativity, and originality.
PaNik Fiction
PaNik Fiction is a television and film production company founded by Patrick Huard and Anik Jean, in collaboration with Attraction and Antonello Cozzolino. The PaNik team’s vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the world of television and film create content that showcases the talent and expertise of local creators.