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A New Era at Attraction

Published on 2024-03-26 at 10:00

Richard Speer is proud to announce a significant milestone in Attraction's history as seven vice presidents, Marie-Élaine Nadeau, Marie Christine Pouliot, Julie Normandin, Nicole Hamilton, Antonello Cozzolino, Ian Whitehead, and Richard Jean-Baptiste become shareholders of the company.


Since joining the team, these industry leaders have proven to be outstanding ambassadors for Attraction with their dedication, creativity, and expertise. The company's success is directly attributed to their leadership and their teams’ invaluable work. As shareholders, they will play an even greater role in Attraction's future. In making this announcement, we seek to recognize our team members and invest in their professional development.

"I am proud to welcome Marie-Élaine, Marie-Christine, Julie, Nicole, Antonello, Ian, and Richard as shareholders. As we shape Attraction's future alongside these new partners, I can look forward to the great achievements that lie ahead."
     -     Richard Speer, President of Attraction


Québecor becomes a Minority Partner

This new phase in Attraction's history also involves Québecor's arrival as an investor. In addition to ensuring Attraction's financial stability, this minority stake ensures its full independence.

With today's announcement, Attraction is equipped to continue its development in Québec, Canada, and internationally.

A New Era at Attraction