Rev’d Up

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Car enthusiasts love showing off their machines and pushing their engines to the next level. Rev’d Up features the ultimate compilation of car design and dashcam clips from around the world.

101 - RADICAL DESIGNS On this episode: a smooth ride in a BMW i8, sci-fi cars, and unusual sightings on the road.

102 - GRAVITY DEFYING WHEELS On this episode: experiencing G force in a FXX K Ferrari, a DeLorean surprise, and dare devil stunts.

103 - DIY CAR On this episode: building an amphibious car, converting your Dad’s truck into a donut machine, and tow troubles.

104 - CRAZY & COOL WHEELS On this episode: apocalyptic rat rods, a nitrous oxide car hack gone wrong, and gas station fails.

105 - WILD RIDES On this episode: drift professionals show off their moves, dune buggy mountaineers, and police chases.

106 - LAMBO RALLY On this episode: a Lamborghini rally, road trouble, and a custom built superhero hog.

107 - NEXT LEVEL WHEELS On this episode: a car with a backyard, Roborace featuring driverless cars, and gizmos on wheels.

108 - OVERSIZED RIDES On this episode: driving around town in a 1962 Ferret Armoured Car, stretch hummers, and street justice.

109 - COOL MODS On this episode: turn your device into an inexpensive dashboard, low-rider love, and wild clips from the road.

110 - BURNING RUBBER On this episode: burnouts, car jumping championships, and criminal creatures.

111 - THE NEED FOR SPEED On this episode: speeding on the Bonneville Salt Flats in an Aston Martin, highway drifts, and the world’s fastest car.

112 - CAR PARTY On this episode: Bimmer Fest in New Jersey, a turbocharged Honda, and cooking with cars.

113 - SUPERCHARGED On this episode: a supercharged electric car, road mishaps, and Subaru off-roading.

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Year of production(s)
  • 2018 | 13 x 30 minutes