How the world ends

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How The World Ends explores some of the most widely-held current doomsday forecasts and closely examines their impending timeline to destruction. From the natural, to the religious, to the astro-physical, the series bring viewers the people, the science and the history behind each theory and probes for evidence for and against each scenario. Comparing every idea to a close predecessor, we’ll discover if this is just another crazy sect or if these people actually on to something.

Every episode digs into the persuasive cases believers make and details the threats they claim are still imminent. Experts weigh in, offering evidence that validates these warnings. Meanwhile, those who were adversely affected by false predictions in the past offer warnings of their own, highlighting the questionable motives and leadership practices that deceived them.

By examining the strengths and weaknesses of each theory, this series puts the threats in perspective. After all, it’s our skepticism that allows us to emerge from these prophecies of doom unscathed. But this skepticism can also be a danger, blinding us to real threats we might be able to avoid. Sounding alarm bells and making the dangers clear, How The World Ends forces viewers to reckon with—rather than simply dismiss—the worst-case scenarios that haunt the human race.

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  • 2016 | 6 × 60 min