Forensic Factor: A New Era

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A homicide. A crime scene. A murderer among us. As investigators and families seek answers, a team of forensic specialists is on the hunt for the smallest, most crucial clues; clues often invisible to many, clues which separate lies from truth. Moving behind the yellow tape, we reveal how crime scene investigators find the smallest pieces of the puzzle, leading to the biggest breaks, all thanks to the ground-breaking science of forensics.

In the documentary series FORENSIC FACTOR, incredible innovations in forensic science combined with the dedicated individuals who see what others can’t, anchor the stories and cases investigated onscreen. CSIs and other forensic experts share their unique perspectives from the field, creating a clear, personal account of what the scientific evidence reveals and what it means in the context of the investigation. Their passion for their work drives the narrative as investigators take viewers through their dramatic and complicated cases. Woven throughout the episodes are the stories of the victims themselves, from the tragic moment to the ongoing impact in their families’ lives.

Production team
  • Executive Producer(s)
    • Nicole Hamilton
    • Richard Speer
  • Director of photography
    • Hong Nguyen
  • Series Producer
    • Sylvia Wilson
Production type
Discovery Canada
Year of production(s)

2023 | 6 x 60 min

BELL Media