East Harbour Heroes

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East Harbour Heroes is a saltwater-soaked journey to the easternmost point of North America, where a vibrant community of tough individuals battle the rugged coast and the North Atlantic Ocean to live and work on the edge of the world.

The series follows commercial fishers, stevedores, crane operators, welders and tugboat operators as they face the often-harsh realities of working on the ever-changing North Atlantic. From brutal storms, high winds, and changing fish populations, each day brings a new challenge on this remote island and these saltwater warriors are determined to thrive - no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. Through centuries of resilience, ingenuity, and community, they work to support themselves, their families and Newfoundland itself, whether it’s banding together to keep a sinking fishing boat afloat or ensuring the flow of essential goods to islanders during even the most extreme conditions.

East Harbour Heroes is a celebration of the human spirit and the power of community. It's a testament to the courage and resilience of the people who call this rugged and beautiful land their home, and a tribute to the many ways in which they continue to thrive in the face of formidable challenges.

Production team
  • Executive Producer(s)
    • Nicole Hamilton
    • Joey Case
    • Jonathan Dueck
    • Richard Speer
    • Wendell Collier
  • Director of photography
    • Gordon Gair
  • Story Producer
    • Lauren Hugh Pease
Production type
Discovery Canada
Year of production(s)

2023 | 10 x 60 min

BELL Media